11 Interesting facts about Tijuana

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Things you should know if you are from Tijuana or are interested in visiting the city.

A constant population growth is one of the highlights of Tijuana, inhabited by residents who were born in the city, as well as by people from other states and countries. It is currently the third most populous city in the country according to the 2010 population census by the INEGI (National Institute of Statistics and Geography), which informs that 3,155,070 persons live in Baja California.

As we know, a lot of people live in this city, but… how much do you know about this city? We bring you a few facts you probably didn’t know about this famous border town.

  1. The border between Mexico and the United States is the busiest in the world, and is one of the largest. According to the International Commission of Borders and Water (CILA) it spans 3,185 kilometers.
  1. The first INFONAVIT in Mexico was built in Tijuana. This institute is responsible for granting credits to those workers who wish to purchase a new home.
  1. Zona Río is the 4th most important financial district in Mexico.
  1. Tijuana has one of the most beautiful scenic roads in Mexico.
  1. Tijuana has the only seaside bullring in the whole world. With a capacity of 22 thousand people, it’s the second largest bullring in the country after Plaza México.
  1. The Tijuana motto, “Aquí comienza la patria” (“The homeland starts here”), was the starting phrase in the speech of presidential candidate Adolfo López Mateos during his visit to Tijuana in 1958.
  1. The Cosmopolitan Tower is the smart building that complies with the highest sustainability certifications in all of the northwest. With this tower, Tijuana already has three sustainable buildings.
  1. The 11 of July, 1889 is considered the official date of the founding of the City of Tijuana.
  1. Tijuana produces 80% of the world’s digital thermometers.
  1. With the new border-crossing bridge of the Tijuana International Airport into San Diego the city will become more attractive to investors and tourists.
  1. Tijuana is one of the main television assembly cities in the world, thanks to the great concentration of assembly plants.

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