Updates on the American trade war with China

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The American trade war with China has intensified in recent weeks with no apparent end in sight. Economists and political scientists are generally not hopeful that the two countries will be able to work out their differences at the upcoming… Leer Más

Unique advantages of the industrial sector in Tijuana

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Tijuana is one of the most important cities in mexico, this is thanks to its strategic location, important economical growth  and its an important location for the industrial sector. the industrial sector in Tijuana is one of the most important… Leer Más

Tijuana en la mira de Inversionistas Extranjeros

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El titular de la Secretaría de Turismo de Baja California, Oscar Escobedo, ha considerado a Baja California y sobre todo la ciudad de Tijuana, como uno de los nichos de mercado más importantes debido a la demanda de turismo y… Leer Más

Tijuana in the sight of Foreign Investors

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Head of the Tourism Secretariat of Baja California Oscar Escobedo has considered Baja California and Tijuana in particular to be one of the most important niche markets due to the tourism industry demand and the opening of new businesses by… Leer Más

Industrial Buildings in Tijuana

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ATISA is a construction company dedicated to the development of industrial buildings in Tijuana. Unlike other construction companies in the region, ATISA stands out for having its own machinery and specialized equipment for all stages in the process. ATISA offers… Leer Más

Naves Industriales en Tijuana

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Atisa es una empresa constructora que se dedica al levantamiento de naves industriales en Tijuana. A diferencia de otras constructoras en la región, Atisa se destaca por varios aspectos cuando se trata de contar con la mejor maquinaria y trabajadores… Leer Más


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