Made in Tijuana: Why companies choose Tijuana for their manufacturing centers

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From electronic to aerospace to medical, Tijuana has it all in terms of manufacturing. This south of the border city prides itself on being a prime location for manufacturing operations where any industry can thrive!

  • Aerospace (5% of the manufacturing sector)
    Aerospace takes first place as the industry with the largest concentration of maquiladoras in Mexico. Naturally, Tijuana would be home to 37 world-renowned aerospace and defense companies (Tijuana EDC) such as Safran and Encore Aerospace, who manufacture anything from cabin interiors to plane components. This industry especially can benefit from Tijuana’s available variety of larger-sized industrial buildings plus the growing number of engineering graduates in Tijuana which offers a wide pool of specialized talent at a highly competitive cost.
  • Electronics (11% of the manufacturing sector)
    Once a titan of the television industry, Tijuana paved the way for electronic manufacturing companies by maximizing their capabilities thanks to an effective resource acquisition process. Being close to China and The US’s markets allow better logistics and easier access to components to manufacture electronics at a competitive price. Today, the city has a cluster of over 80 electronic manufacturing operations (Tijuana EDC) working at their full potential such as Sohnen, WS Audiology, and Sino-Japan (SJH).
  • Medical devices (10% of the manufacturing sector)
    Mexico’s regulations ensure the excellence in quality of medical device exports, resulting in a boom for the medical device industry in Tijuana, with more than 73 companies exporting approximately $3 billion USD a year (TECMA), including Avanti and Stryker. According to the American Industries Group, the global medical devices industry is projected to reach up to USD 612.7 billion by 2025, and Tijuana is sure to be part of that achievement. In fact, this city has become such a landmark for medical manufacturing operations that we have been proud hosts to MedSummit, the leading event in the supply of the medical device industry.
  • Automotive (9% of the manufacturing sector)
    It’s easy to bet on the growth of the automobile industry in Mexico. Toyota is one of the 65 companies that took the chance and is now reaping sales records reaching $120 billion dollars. Seatbelts, speakers, sensors, you name it, Tijuana has the experience, geographical connections, and structure to make any automotive manufacturing operation happen.
  • Textiles and apparel (5% of the manufacturing sector)
    The textile industry is growing fast, with 33 companies including Ripple Junction, Fortune Fashions, and Standard Fiber moving their operations to Tijuana to explore new cost-effective, high quality opportunities. With $7 billion annual exports (TECNA), it’s not surprising to see a rise in international interest for this industry experiencing an impressive 11% annual growth.

If it’s your company’s turn to experience the industrial ecosystem in Tijuana, ATISA is able to get you settled in a built-to-suit industrial building made to perfectly house any kind of operation. Start building your future with us!


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