Mexico Tariffs, Trump’s ongoing Dilemma

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A tale of tariffs United States President Donald J. Trump spoke recently about a plan to impose increased tariffs on Mexican imports if the Mexican government did not do more to address Mexico/U.S border issues. He threatened to start with a… Leer Más

Inversión extranjera directa en Tijuana.

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El año 2019 es uno de grandes retos para México. Con los constantes cambios políticos propiciados por las recientes elecciones gubernamentales en las diferentes entidades del país, es difícil  transmitir a nuestros colegas extranjeros que los negocios (especialmente la inversion… Leer Más

A Talk on Current Trade Issues

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On Wednesday, May 22, Atisa attended the “Dinner with Peter Friedmann – Our Man in DC“. This event was put on by the Otay Mesa Chamber and the San Diego Customs Brokers Association, highlighted the latest trade issues news to come… Leer Más

Updates on the American trade war with China

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The American trade war with China has intensified in recent weeks with no apparent end in sight. Economists and political scientists are generally not hopeful that the two countries will be able to work out their differences at the upcoming… Leer Más

When looking for highly trained and skilled labor, it pays to look south of the border.

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There’s an unfortunate stereotype about Mexico, often perpetuated in business circles in the United States (and occasionally, even by the current president.) It’s the idea that Mexican workers are only qualified for the most rudimentary of manufacturing work, and that… Leer Más

Restricted Space in the United States is Making Mexico More Attractive to Many

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For e-commerce giants like Amazon and those that hope to keep up with Amazon, the old model doesn’t work anymore. E-commerce is generating incredible demand for industrial space, as online sellers seek to reduce their shipping time to virtually nothing.… Leer Más


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