Plenty of space

Nearly all U.S. markets are out of space and resorting to costly conversion and/or brownfield reclamation. ATISA has plenty of space for projects of any size, from 10k to 1M sq feet.


No financing needed

Our leased buildings are build-to-suit. With ATISA, you will get a tailored building simply by paying first and last month’s rent. No need to put down huge deposits or lock up liquid capital!.


Skilled labor

Great workers are becoming impossible to find, but not in Mexico! The government has invested millions in its university and vocational systems. You can get better-trained workers for ¼ the cost.


Save millions annually

A company of 100 people will save around $4-8 million every year, NET! That’s money that can be reinvested into R&D, compensating key employees, or increasing shareholder value.


Concierge service

Don’t know the logistics of moving a company to Mexico? No problem! ATISA’s concierge service will make the process silky smooth.


Just ship the machines

ATISA’s partners right here in TJ can do the rest. Payroll, HR, taxes, forms & regulation, logistics… you can choose how much or how little you want these trained people to assist with.


“Nearsourcing” is the new buzzword

Don’t outsource to China! Mexico has great protections for intellectual property. Company employees are all in the Pacific time zone. No long transoceanic shipping times. And labor costs now are actually lower in Mexico.


Tax breaks / Trade agreements

Tijuana offers favorable incentives for bringing jobs to their city. Also, Mexico has direct access to markets like the E.U. that are much more favorable than what the U.S. has established.


TJ is safe and secure

Did you know Tijuana has less crime than many American cities such as Chicago, Oakland, Miami, Las Vegas, and Detroit? You’ll be just as safe as in the U.S.


USA +1 (619) 955 6034
MEX +52 (664) 397 7648


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