Atisa – The Foremost Industrial Developer in Tijuana

Atisa launched in the 1970’s when founding members constructed some of the first manufacturing/assembly plants in Northern Mexico.

Atisa is Tijuana’s most prolific land developer and builder of industrial space. For more than 40 years, we have helped local and international companies set up operations in Tijuana, covering their needs by offering an extensive land bank and a wide portfolio of industrial buildings for sale or lease.

With an increasing demand for low cost and high-quality products, Tijuana became a prime location for industrial development. Being situated next to the 1st and 8th largest economies in the world (the United States and California) had created the perfect market conditions for Atisa to flourish.


Throughout the 1980’s, rapid growth in the factories caused the company’s workforce to grow to an astonishing size, with over 2,000 employees. Architects, engineers and construction workers furiously kept up with increasing demand for the benefits of operating out of Mexico. Mexico’s high-quality production, proximity to The United States and low labor cost are still unmatched today. The 1980’s were an exciting time, with the Mexican industrial development world playing catch-up with worldwide demand.


During the 1990’s, Tijuana’s industrial real estate market stabilized and Atisa established itself as the leading developer in Baja California and Northern Mexico. Its many accomplishments included development of industrial cities: Sección de Oro, Nueva Tijuana, El Centro Industrial Rubí and Morelos Centro Industrial. With the demand for real estate and construction in various areas of Tijuana, Atisa soared to newer heights. On their way to success, they developed one of the largest and best situated industrial parks in all of Mexico. Parque Industrial Pacifico, which spans over 1,200 acres and is located only 20 minutes away from San Diego, became host to hundreds of domestic and foreign companies, earning it a stellar reputation. Parque Industrial Pacifico came to be known throughout the industrial world as being one of the leading places for secure operations in Mexico. Parque Industrial Pacifico housed buildings for clients such as Sony, Panasonic, Robinson & Robinson, Pentel, and St. John Knits, to name a few.


With the arrival of the 21st century, Atisa maintained its strong position in Tijuana’s industrial real estate sector. Parque Industrial Pacifico became populated by dozens of Atisa buildings. Atisa was responsible for approximately 1 of every 4 industrial buildings in the city. Many competitors who lease industrial buildings now own and operate buildings that were originally constructed by Atisa and/or sit on Atisa real estate.

Now that we are well into the second decade of the 21st century, Atisa continues to shine brightly in a more sophisticated and evolved business environment. Constructing high-quality building projects and easing the transition of clients into a foreign environment with superb geographical locations and assets, Atisa looks to the future, continuing to demonstrate why we’re the best industrial real estate developer in Northern Mexico. As of 2015, Atisa’s industrial real estate division had constructed over 1,600 acres of industrial land and built over 200 buildings including more than 25,000,000 square feet of industrial space. Atisa has dealt with fortune 500 companies from around the world and from all industrial categories. We value every single client and treat each and every one as our first, last and only client.

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