A Talk on Current Trade Issues

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On Wednesday, May 22, Atisa attended the “Dinner with Peter Friedmann – Our Man in DC“. This event was put on by the Otay Mesa Chamber and the San Diego Customs Brokers Association, highlighted the latest trade issues news to come from our lobbyist in Washington.

Trade Issues

Attendees of dinner with Peter Friedman

Mr. Friedmann is a leading authority on transportation issues in Washington D.C. and served as counsel for the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science, and Transportation. He drafted the Ocean Shipping Act, the amendments to the Jones Act, and the Harbor Maintenance Fee, which provides the mechanism for U.S. waterways to be dredged and operated.

The focus of his talk was current trade issues, and how they will affect border cities such as Tijuana. Peter believes that the problems with China aren’t going to get better any time soon and that companies should begin looking for alternatives in their supply chain. He points out that Mexico is one of the countries best positioned to fill this gap. Otherwise, both companies and consumers can expect to pay more for Chinese goods and materials, eroding profits as everyone in the supply chain gets squeezed.

He recommends all stakeholders support congressional funding for faster border-trade processing. This can be done by calling your local Representative and asking them to support the USMCA (NAFTA 2.0) and inviting members of Congress to actually visit our local ports to witness the huge volume of trade that takes place here. He’s confident that once they see the 32,000 shipping containers crossing every day, better funding will be quick to follow and wait times will be greatly reduced.

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