Industrial Buildings in Tijuana

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ATISA is a construction company dedicated to the development of industrial buildings in Tijuana. Unlike other construction companies in the region, ATISA stands out for having its own machinery and specialized equipment for all stages in the process. ATISA offers the following:

Professionalism in the construction of your industrial building

The ATISA construction company has engineers and architects with years of experience, which is a very important aspect when carrying out construction work. The erection of any building is a critical, methodical process requiring a high level of experience in order to fulfill the needs of the customer with an attractive design that complies with all required safety parameters.

Consultants adjust to your needs

If you require specialized advice for the design of your industrial building, our “Design and Project” department will offer you the best options based on your needs. The main aspects to consider for your industrial building are making the best decision in the layout of the different areas, the proper selection of your industrial building, and picking a good location; all of this depending on your company’s requirements.

The best method to build your industrial building

The Tilt-Up method was first used in the United States over 40 years ago, and has since its inception been considered a novel technique for the erection of walls. In Mexico, ATISA Industrial is a pioneer in the implementation of this method for the construction of industrial buildings.

Tilt-Up is a construction method for industrial buildings which undoubtedly has many advantages. Besides having lower construction costs, construction time is also shorter, providing access to the facilities for the production and storage the work requires.

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