The 3 industries of Tijuana with the highest potential.

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Economic growth depends on the relationship with the industrial sector. In general, both terms refer to the capabilities countries have to generate wealth in order to sustain and increase the wellbeing of inhabitants.

A business is a social group integrated by productive assets such as capital and employment; its objective is to obtain income through its participation in the goods and services market. Instead, the industrial sector is a group of operators who work to obtain, transform and transport natural products.

Therefore, the purpose of industrial enterprises is to carry out the transformation of raw materials of any kind, carry out business operations and participate in their countries through the sale of their products.

The most influential industries of Tijuana are:

  1. Aerospace Industry.

In regards to the aerospace industries of Tijuana, work is being carried out with the goal of increasing infrastructure availability for this industry, which is still underdeveloped in the region. In August 2015, EnCore Internacional (aerospace industry) and Grupo ATISA signed an agreement to begin the construction of a building that complies with the standards of the aerospace industry. Baja California is expected to be the largest community of this industry in the country.


  1. Electronics Industry.

In México there are medium-sized and major companies that drive the electronics industry with production facilities. Tijuana stands out as the city with the most factories in the whole country, and one of the industries with the highest amount of companies is electronics. “Sohnen de México, S.A. de C.V.” is a company that manufactures electronic products, located at the Pacífico Industrial Park.


  1. Automotive Industry.

This is a strong industry which offers 18 thousand jobs on 40 companies, and entrusts automotive engineering services to the Tijuana region. Baja California is one of the main auto part exporters in the country, offering products such as igniters, alternators and seatbelts.

In the Bellas Artes area we can find an auto maintenance center: “Ingeniería Automotriz ABG, S. de R.L. de C.V”.


Tijuana is one of the most important cities in the country, with an increasing number of businesses choosing to get established in the city –in particular, businesses related to the industries mentioned above. Each one of them is expected to see a steady growth in the following years.

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