Tijuana has the 4th most important financial district in Mexico.

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Zona Río is a strategic point in the city that stands for being the financial district of the city and a prime business area.

One of the most visited spots for tourists arriving in Tijuana is Zona Río, which is known for being the financial district of the city and the fourth most important in Mexico. It’s located at a strategic point within the city due to being just 1 kilometer from the Mexico-United States border.

Several shopping malls are located in this District, as well as hotels, restaurants, financial buildings, parks, condominiums, hospitals, recreational areas, banks, business centers and large avenues where emblematic monuments of Tijuana can be found.

It was between 1970 and 1980, during the Milton Castellanos presidency, that the city of Tijuana started undertaking the urbanization of Zona Río. Back then, the district was known as “Cartolandia” (“Cardboardland”), since it was a derelict part of Tijuana where homes were made of cardboard and sheet metal.

Currently, Tijuana is known for having a prime business area and for its modern business activity. Plaza Río is visited by locals, domestic and foreign tourists with an average of 30 to 35 thousand visitors per day.

Thanks to urbanization developments, Tijuana’s population is on the rise and tourism has grown. The fact that Tijuana is the 4th most important financial district in the country is an extra factor for investors to embrace the city and carry out their business in it.

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