Industrial buildings, a space for everything

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Normally, when we think of an industrial building the first thing that comes to mind is an industrial structure used for the production and storage of goods. This kind of structure can have many other uses, which can offer possibilities of generating income.

Industrial buildings that are currently active can also have complementary applications which allow the company to generate revenues, unused spaces can be rented out, and for example, space can be leased on the roofs to locate mobile phone antennas, weather stations or pollution meters.

Other areas such as walls, decks, and other architectural elements can be used as support for advertising elements such as posters, video screens or artistic murals. An example of this last one was the Maquilarte Program in the year 2015 that took place in several companies in the city of Tijuana, one of which is in Parque Industrial Pacifico.

An industrial warehouse that is not currently active allows the use of space that goes beyond its original design is only a matter of creativity. Here are some examples:

Office installation: the vast spaces of an industrial building are perfect when creating work offices, closed workspaces which allow teamwork as well as the creation of meeting and recreation areas.

Data centers: thanks to their space and discretion, they can be used for the location of computer servers, support offices for corporate headquarters or as the site of financial centers for large companies and entities dedicated to financing.

Loft-style housing: large spaces, few little-defined limits, excellent lighting, industrial materials are some of the characteristics that an industrial building can offer, which creates a unique space.

Cultural areas: there are buildings with architecture that can go unnoticed, this allows spaces to provide development of different cultural activities such as concerts, theater performances, exhibitions, sports and social events.

Organization of events: some companies, especially companies with numerous employees, need ample spaces for events or parties, in these cases a conditioned and decorated industrial building has the potential to become the ideal space.

Movies and commercials: industrial buildings have the right space to customize scenarios for films and commercials so renting these spaces for this purpose is a source of income to be taken into consideration.

In conclusion, there are several options which can obtain a greater profitability of the buildings. You can complement an existing industrial activity, give a new or different use or rent the facilities to third parties for extra income.

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