5 Facts of the Manufacturing Industry of Tijuana

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They will surprise you

Tijuana is a city filled with legends, history and culture, and in the last half century has become a hub of manufacturing in the western part of the world. Tijuana is a city that grows more and more with each passing day, and below we bring you 5 facts that may surprise you about this legendary city:


1. Tijuana is North American’s No. 1 city for jobs in medical device manufacturing.

Forty-four companies with a 30-year history in the city have managed to position Tijuana as the leading manufacturer in North America. The bi-national Tijuana-San Diego medical cluster is considered one of the most sophisticated and diverse in all of the World. Among the international companies in Tijuana, we can highlight Medtronic, Covidien, Flextronics, DJ Ortho and Fisher & Paykel, just to mention a few.


2. Tijuana is the No. 1 city in manufactured exports in Mexico

Followed in ranking by Juarez, Chihuahua as no. 2. Tijuana leads the way for exported goods in the country. Mexico is the largest exporter in Latin America, with exports that significantly surpass the overall exports of Brazil and Argentina combined.


3. Tijuana is the No. 1 city with aerospace companies in Mexico.

The manufacturing base of the aerospace industry in operation in Baja California currently encompasses over 50 facilities including some major transnational firms such as Aerodesign, Honeywell, Goodrich and Eaton Aerospace. The city of Tijuana holds 49% of all statewide operations, followed by Mexicali with 34%, the rest being distributed among other municipalities in the state.


4. The average hourly wages are 19.6% lower than in China.

According to Carlos Capistran, an economist of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Mexico has excellent labor quality at a lower cost than China in constant dollar terms. Adding to this transportation costs, time zone differences and vast cultural differences, international companies are starting to turn away from China in favor of Mexico.


5. The Maquiladora Industry offers over 164,900 jobs in Tijuana.

The maquiladora industry is a pillar of Tijuana’s economy. Every year, the growing number of job offerings are benefited by new foreign investments. According to several Banamex sources, Mexico’s largest and strongest bank, 3 to 5 years of significant growth are expected to take place in the country due to the cyclic nature of the global economy. Since Tijuana is highly dependent on foreign investment, a considerable rise in job opportunities is expected to take place in the next half decade.


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