5 Tips to protect your industrial building during the rainy season

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When the rainy season arrives, the last thing we want is to be concerned about some mishap in our industrial building. This is why this time around we bring you 5 tips to protect your building during the rainy season:

1. Check the gutters

Once a year, make a complete check of the rain gutters; make sure they are in good condition, with no breakages, obstructions or leaks. You can pour water with a bucket or hose in order to check for leaks. If necessary, repair with sealant or a protective membrane – we recommend you do this during warm, sunny days.

2. Detect leaks

The simplest method to find a leak is to check the underside of the roof when it’s raining. But if you don’t want to wait for it to rain, we can simulate the effect of rain by pouring water with a hose, and then checking the roof with a flashlight. If there were any leaks, the affected area would cause the light to gleam. If there were any major leaks they would be immediately noticeable, since water would start dripping.

Once we locate the leak, we must find the cause. It may have happened as a result of a broken tile, a crack or even a fissure due to abrasion between two pieces. In order to repair it, it is recommendable to thoroughly clean the area and use cement, paste or tape in case of small leaks. If damages caused by a leak are too significant, it is best to contact a professional. A makeshift patch may work for a while, but chances are high for the problem to worsen.

3. Clear the slope

One of the most common problems in our sector is landslides (slopes) generated by water infiltration on soil and/or water seepage generally presented on the lower part of the slopes.

The problem has multiple solutions depending on the gravity of the problem and its cause. In order to determine the optimal solution, it is necessary to make a detailed soil and slope stability study. Oftentimes, the solution is simply planting trees, plants and grass which are adequate to avoid soil erosion and increase slope stability, but sometimes the solution is not so simple and slopes have to be reinforced by retaining walls or through other methods depending on the case.

4. Cut down tree branches

There are several reasons why pruning a tree can be indispensable. For safety reasons, it’s important to cut branches, of if there’s too much danger, to cut down the whole tree, since it may interfere with power lines. If the tree’s wood is sick or dead, it may cause it to fall from great heights, resulting in significant damage.

5. Trash-free drains

Remember it is essential for drains and watercourses to be clear in order to maintain their capacity to drain wastewater and stormwater. During the rainy season it is necessary to insure the proper functioning of hydraulic infrastructure, from sewers to drains and pipes.

Take precautions and have these tips we bring you in mind. Remember rushed repairs can be very costly and affect not just your building, but also your production in case your building needs to be closed down for repairs.

If you require any of these services for the maintenance of your company’s industrial building, please contact us. http://atisa.com/contact-us/

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