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Baja Mak 2015 Expo

The tenth edition of the “BAJA MAK 2015” industry trade show took place on October 22nd, and sure enough, we attended the event. BAJA MAK is the most important industry trade show of Mexico’s North-west where the Maquiladora Industry and industrial suppliers meet. The event was a hub for companies of six industrial areas: aerospace, electronics, metalwork, medicine, automotive and corrugated.

The event took place at the CPA Business Center facilities in Tijuana, Baja California. Service was excellent starting from the very moment of registration, with more than 140 exhibitors, both local and from other places in the country, which interestingly showed us their will to be suppliers in our region.

Surrounded by an atmosphere of camaraderie we walked the whole exhibition, where many exhibitors included technology, gadgets and efficient methods both for industrial safety and process supervision for each company among their services.

It was with great pleasure that we came to the realization that many local suppliers undertake projects at an international level, which undoubtedly attests the significant quality of their products as well as their great level of commitment.

This type of event enriches and strengthens the business in the region. It was also gratifying to meet with peers and friends such as Skit Industrial, which made a pleasing contribution to the exhibition with their innovative stand and the warmth of their staff.

We are conscious that the North-west area of Mexico is witnessing and astounding growth, and this sort of event makes for a supreme opportunity for the development of new companies.

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