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For over 40 years Atisa has had the pleasure of working with world-renowned companies and experts in every sector of the industrial field, providing Class A industrial real estate and a comprehensive all-in-one service that assists clients every step of the way. Whether companies are looking to expand or relocate their business, we commit fully to their successful establishment and ensure their needs are considered our top priority.

“One of the things that really attracted me to atisa was their speed in taking decisions and helping us get started, and their flexibility in working with us to be competitive in this tough environment. ” – Rey Huerta (Enterprise Logistics Solution, President)

Each one of our buildings offer not only an ideal environment for an efficient and profitable production of goods, but also provide all the benefits of a durable, greener, and strategically located property. Our build to suit service and tilt-up construction method gives our industrial spaces the versatility to house any manufacturing or distribution operation, customizing the building according to each client’s needs.

“This building is 26 years old, no problems. That’s the best comment you can make about anything if it lasts for this long without issues or problems. And that’s a fact. In fact, we were so happy with the way this building was built that we asked Atisa to build yet another building for us in another section of the park. So, our experience with Atisa has been very positive. “- Barry Sohnen, Sohnen Enterprises.

We place an utmost value on our client’s time, interests, and business goals. Thanks to our internal construction company, Atisa can optimize the construction and leasing process, which allows tenants to remain updated regularly on all progress, be in constant contact with the leasing manager, get quick answers, and settle in Tijuana in a timely fashion.

“The most important thing for real estate brokers is a quick response. We want it addressed not next month, not next week, but the next hour if possible.  If you can come back with a dependable answer in less than 24 hours, that’s what we are looking for. To the credit of Atisa and their account manager, they addressed all the issues very quickly. My client and I were very happy with their attention and quick response. They took care of us in a very expeditious matter.” -Rick Kwasny, Colliers Mexico.

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