Good news for the Industry

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With the recent approval of the controversial “Energy Reform” which prompted several disagreements among Mexicans, I believe it would be good to ask ourselves whether there are noticeable benefits. Focusing strictly on electric energy, this reform will allow private companies… Continue Reading

5 Tips to protect your industrial building during the rainy season

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When the rainy season arrives, the last thing we want is to be concerned about some mishap in our industrial building. This is why this time around we bring you 5 tips to protect your building during the rainy season:… Continue Reading

5 Facts of the Manufacturing Industry of Tijuana

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They will surprise you Tijuana is a city filled with legends, history and culture, and in the last half century has become a hub of manufacturing in the western part of the world. Tijuana is a city that grows more… Continue Reading

A gathering of Industrial suppliers

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Baja Mak 2015 Expo The tenth edition of the “BAJA MAK 2015” industry trade show took place on October 22nd, and sure enough, we attended the event. BAJA MAK is the most important industry trade show of Mexico’s North-west where… Continue Reading

New investment on the Aerospace Industry

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EnCore International in Pacífico Industrial Park Tijuana, Baja California.- Executives from EnCore International, the company responsible for new investments in the aerospace industry in the region, arrived for a visit on October 2nd. A few months ago, ATISA Group and… Continue Reading

7 advantages of the Tilt-up construction method

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The best method to build your Industrial Building. The Tilt-up method is a construction system composed of thin concrete walls made on-site which are divided into sections called panels. These panels are mixed either directly over the floor slab of… Continue Reading

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