The 3 industries of Tijuana with the highest potential.

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Economic growth depends on the relationship with the industrial sector. In general, both terms refer to the capabilities countries have to generate wealth in order to sustain and increase the wellbeing of inhabitants. A business is a social group integrated… Continue Reading

First bi-national bridge between Mexico and USA

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Thanks to the bi-national bridge, tourism and the economy of the area will grow. Baja California now has a bridge connecting the city of Tijuana with the city of San Diego. Its purpose is to avoid long lines at the… Continue Reading

11 Interesting facts about Tijuana

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Things you should know if you are from Tijuana or are interested in visiting the city. A constant population growth is one of the highlights of Tijuana, inhabited by residents who were born in the city, as well as by… Continue Reading

Textile Industry expands in Tijuana

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Recently Atisa Industrial concluded the lease of building at Ciudad Industrial Otay with approximately 50 thousand square feet on a building with an option to increase to 65 thousand located in one of the best industrial zones in Tijuana. Bekaert… Continue Reading

Good news for the Industry

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With the recent approval of the controversial “Energy Reform” which prompted several disagreements among Mexicans, I believe it would be good to ask ourselves whether there are noticeable benefits. Focusing strictly on electric energy, this reform will allow private companies… Continue Reading

5 Tips to protect your industrial building during the rainy season

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When the rainy season arrives, the last thing we want is to be concerned about some mishap in our industrial building. This is why this time around we bring you 5 tips to protect your building during the rainy season:… Continue Reading

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