International Companies in Tijuana’s Parque Industrial Pacifico

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Tijuana’s booming industrial sector is a big part of, if not the reason for, the border city’s exponential growth, with 92% of the industry comprised of manufacturing operations. The city’s experience with this large sector dates back to more than… Continue Reading

Under Construction: Atisa Industrial’s 2017-2019 Development Plan

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Parque Industrial Pacifico is one of Mexico’s largest industrial parks, located in the thriving city of Tijuana. It is currently operating near full capacity, housing multiple international and local companies. Given its ideal expansion capabilities, 100 acres of available land… Continue Reading

Business without Borders: The Perfect Networking and Business Opportunity

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I traveled to San Diego on October 11, 2017, where I had the pleasure of meeting up with our international guests who were joining us for Business without Borders, a very special event where industrial brokers can expand their inventory… Continue Reading

7 lighting tips for an industrial building

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Available in Spanish Because of its deep structure, industrial buildings are quite difficult spaces to illuminate, in some cases, the production of the company doesn’t favor natural lighting. When talking about artificial light, high ceilings move away lighting points from… Continue Reading

Industrial buildings, a space for everything

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Normally, when we think of an industrial building the first thing that comes to mind is an industrial structure used for the production and storage of goods. This kind of structure can have many other uses, which can offer possibilities… Continue Reading

Storage organization in industrial warehouses

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An important factor to increase the profitability of an industrial building is its storage capacity due to the advantages that this entails, there are numerous cases in which the importance of storage can be reaffirmed for example: Storage ensures product… Continue Reading

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