Two New Buildings in Parque Industrial Pacífico

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Atisa Industrial is Mexico’s pioneer in tilt-up construction. For more than 40 years we have been using this method to build stronger, greener, more durable, and versatile industrial buildings for our local and international clients. This method allows us to… Continue Reading

International Companies in Tijuana’s Parque Industrial Pacifico

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Tijuana’s booming industrial sector is a big part of, if not the reason for, the border city’s exponential growth, with 92% of the industry comprised of manufacturing operations. The city’s experience with this large sector dates back to more than… Continue Reading

Under Construction: Atisa Industrial’s 2017-2019 Development Plan

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Parque Industrial Pacifico is one of Mexico’s largest industrial parks, located in the thriving city of Tijuana. It is currently operating near full capacity, housing multiple international and local companies. Given its ideal expansion capabilities, 100 acres of available land… Continue Reading

Business without Borders: The Perfect Networking and Business Opportunity

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I traveled to San Diego on October 11, 2017, where I had the pleasure of meeting up with our international guests who were joining us for Business without Borders, a very special event where industrial brokers can expand their inventory… Continue Reading

Tijuana’s electrical infrastructure

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Baja California’s electrical infrastructure consists of nine power plants and 28 generators. By type of generation technology used there are four geothermal power plants, three turbo gas plants, one combined cycle plant and one steam plant. There is a total… Continue Reading

Pacific Industrial Park, among the best in Mexico

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Pacific Industrial Park is known for being one of the largest in the city, and being located in the center of the city with a magnificent benefit of urban sprawl. It also has direct and fast access to other parts… Continue Reading

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